Yelp Testimonial 3/31/2010

By Fay Doe on May 21, 2010 at 12:00 AM in Salon Chat


Nicole D.

Santa Barbara, CA


About 6 months ago, I called underground for a last minute appointment, and got hooked up with Vanessa. That was my lucky day. I have been back for highlights/color about 3 times since with her, and she is just amazing! my wedding is in May, and I completely trust her with taking care of my hair for the big day. (This is a big step for me considering 6 mo. ago I was a complete salon hopper). Underground is now my happy home! Vanessa is great especially if you don't know hair all that well, or have a hard time expressing to your stylist exactly what it is you want - Vanessa will make sure to get it out of you. She knows hair...unlike so many hairdressers out there. strange concept right?? Thanks Vanessa!


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