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Curls Curls Curls!

Many clients are now embracing their natural curly locks and need advice on styles and maintenance of curly hair.

Fay Doe Undergrounds Creative Director trains her staff in curly haircutting.

When cutting curly hair we look at the types of curl as this varies throughout the head usually. The hair texture, volume, face and body shape are all factors in cutting curly hair and knowing where to cut to show the curl off to full glory.

Curly hair requires different maintenance as it requires less shampooing and therefore leave in conditioners, styling creams and serums are used a lot more

At Underground we have a wide variety of curl products of various strengths and weights to suit each hair type and we can tailor these to our clients needs.

Clients usually want their curls to be defined, smooth and have the ability to be controlled for a professional look and be able to change to freer, random fun looks for their personal time. At Underground we understand curly hair and the challenges it can bring, so call for a consultation and let us help you achieve the curls you always wanted.

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