Working with Grey Hair

Grey Hair... Why Not?

Many clients are now feeling less pressured to color their hair and want to return to their natural grey.

As Undergrounds Creative Director Fay Doe has helped clients through this transition and beyond. 'Taking a client back to grey requires thorough consultation to provide the right help and maintenance along the way. I plan a timescale with the client to decide how she wants to approach this with regards to her professional and personal life.

During this process highlighting and low lighting may be employed, color removal or just less and less color over time. This is a very individual process as everybody's hair greys differently; it may be even but is usually patchy or streaky with the base color becoming more muted and drabber over time.

Grey hair has various textures, can be brittle or become finer, frizzy, or super straight and stubborn to style. Underground has the tools, knowledge and products for you to enjoy your grey hair and keep it supple, shiny and manageable. Consultations are complimentary. Our photo gallery shows some grey blended clients as well as full head grey.

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