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Noel T.

Santa Barbara, CA


The true test of a great haircut is being able to recreate the magic after you've washed and styled your hair with your own products. I got just that when I visited The Underground on Saturday, April 3rd. 


I walked into the eclectic decorated salon and was greeted immediately by a super cute boy with a smokin' hair cut who offered me a seat and a beverage. A short wait later my stylist Sara G came out. She took me back to her station and got to work right away on a half weave. She worked quickly and passed the time making small talk and listening to the buzzing shop. Lots of laughter not just from Sara G. and I but from the whole staff. It seemed like everyone was happy to be at work.


I had a great shampoo, Sara G. made me feel very relaxed as she scrubbed my scalp. Really that's the best part of getting your hair cut isn't it?


Sara G. talked with me a bit about what I would like for a cut, but I gave her carte blanche and she went to town, cutting off several inches of my dark locks. At one point the owner came over and showed Sara G a new technique. I love an owner and staff that work together to create some beautiful looking cuts. 


What I ended up with was a beautiful shoulder length cut with sweeping bangs. The color is so natural looking but very different than my regular hair. I am incredibly happy with the results.


So today after I took my shower, I got out my products, flat iron and blow dryer and tried to do what Sara G. did with such ease yesterday and you know what? I was very successful! My hair looks just as good as it did yesterday!


Thanks Sara G and everyone at The Underground! I am one very happy girl!

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