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Underground in the news

By Fay Doe on Apr 18, 2012 in Articles

Exerpt  from Santa  Barbara News Press  April 2, 2012 “Movie Twist “ article

Underground in the news
Underground in the news
Underground in the news

April 2, 2012 11:01 AM















You might not have a swoonworthy baker boy named Peeta willing to give up his life to save you in a nationally televised fight-to-the-death, but, like the heroine of "The Hunger Games," you can look cute just the same.

The movie adaptation of the 2008 book by Suzanne Collins, the first in her best-selling young adult trilogy, broke box-office records for having the third highest-gross opening ever. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, in "The Hunger Games," a totalitarian government pits 24 child representatives from each of its 12 districts as "tributes" against each other in a fight to the death of the same name. The Games, in which there can only be one survivor, subdue the poor and entertain the upper class.That is, until one tribute comes along who just might change everything.

Often compared to "Twilight," the dystopian tale also features a love triangle. The protagonist, 16-year-old District 12 tribute Katniss Everdeen, not only has two very attractive young men vying for her attention, she also kicks butt in the Games with a bow and a sheath of arrows, all the while looking hot in a signature side braid.

That's why Fay Doe, owner/creative director of Underground Hair Artists, set up a window display featuring a mannequin modeling what she calls "The Hunger Games" braid  she does it as a diagonal french braid as well as 12 China Glaze brand "Hunger Games"-themed nail polishes in dark colors. Beauty trade shows and hairstyle magazines have spotlighted the movie, particularly Katniss and her braid, for months, said Ms. Doe.

"People have been checking (the display) out, have bought the nail polish and have been asking for braids," Ms. Doe told the News-Press as she pointed to the cover of the March edition of Beauty Launchpad magazine, a trade publication, which teases to a story on "The Hunger Games."

"The 'Hunger Games” braid is definitely a trend leader. It's hot right now."

Ms. Doe explained that today's braids are different from the braids of the past that were often woven tightly. The new fashion involves looser braids that can be woven using a whole head of hair, or just using the front sections to frame the face around bangs. She said this makes for a "softer" look. Braids can double as headbands or as accent pieces when using brightly colored clip-ons.

Braids can easily be taken from day to night; Ms. Doe recommends wearing them to a nightclub.

"It's feminine, it's fashionable, it's glamorous and with this role model (Katniss), it's edgy and people like that," Ms. Doe said.

And the style is accessible, she added.

"People can try to do braids themselves or go to the salon," Ms. Doe said. "It's sexy ! a new take on an old idea."

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