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Hair Highlighting

Highlighting will give the hair a look of movement and add interest to any look.Hair by Fay Doe

Highlights were traditionally thought of as blondes but today many highlights and lowlights are used together to create a personalized lookfor a client.

Hair by Fay Doe Highlights can be used to frame the face, as an accent sparingly or may be thicker for a funkier look.

Highlighting can also be used to blend those first grey hairs and let color grow in without too obvious a regrowth.Hair by Fay Doe

Highlights can be a great way to try out color for the first time, just a few foils with some peak-a-boo highlights will allow you to vary the look by parting you hair in various ways, for "now you see it - now you don't" fun with your hair.Hair by Gabriella Salazar

Highlights can be used in several shades on different areas of the head togive the hair a thicker look on less dense areas - the crown for instance or make the hair appear thinner if too thick with fine vertical slices and weaves.

Types of Highlights

There are many ways a hair artist can achieve the look you want, here are some of the differences.

Traditional Highlighting

Hair By Daniel Van Hook This involves the hair being taken in small sections and weaved out pieces which are painted with 1, 2, or 3 colors and put in foils. This usually gives a blended look and depending on color choices can be as subtle or dramatic as desired.

Slicing Hightlights

Hair by Fay Doe Slicing is when whole sections of hair are taken and placed in foil either as a combination with weaves or for more drama by themselves. This colors more hair at once. Slices may be done "back to back" which will create larger and dramatic panels. Sometimes hair is highlighted in slices and then color is applied over the top for a high fashion effect such as fuchsia or fire engine red.


Hair by Fay Doe This may be done to visually create movement in the hair by using different tonal values of the same shade. For instance, honey blonde, strawberry blonde and natural blonde. This is when thin, larges sections of hair are alternated a few times within the hairstyle. Very popular in Hollywood for changeability w/ out drama.

I love Underground Hair Artists. They have a great staff all with wonderful ideas and loving personalities.
Barbara Tzar