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Hair Bleaching and Hair Lightening

Let a professional do this in a safe environment! Blondes attract attention wherever they go. Our eyes are naturally drawn to light and this is why everyone notices the blonde in the room.

Going totally blond is not for the faint hearted, you will definitely get attention, think Marilyn, Madonna, Sharon Stone, or Paris Hilton!

Whole head blondes definately have fun and blonde can be anything from Beyonce Caramel, Charlize Theron Gold to super model Agnes platinum.

Icy Cool Platinum is the hardest to achieve for the majority of people and is the highest maintenance as nearly all of the natural pigment has to be removed to achieve this look - roots will show in about two weeks! The darker your natural hair, the more natural shades of blonde will suit your hair and skin tone as well as being easier on the hair condition and maintenance.

If you want to be blonde but want several shades then slicing heavily could work as an alternative to whole head lightening.

At Underground we thoroughly consult to find the right shade and amount of blonde for you. Our lighteners have built-in conditioners to help protect your hair as we lighten it and tone it to your desired color.

As always Fay Is an amazing professional...she is an extremely knowledgeable international hair stylist and, above all, honest with her clients...
Jazmin Puignau